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Why Women Decide to Become Egg Donors

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

Discover the many amazing reasons why women choose to donate their eggs

Women who donate their eggs with our Southern California egg donation agency do so for a variety of reasons. These reasons include receiving complimentary health and fertility insights and genetic testing, in addition to significant compensation and the joy of altruism. This is an experience that can be life changing for both the hopeful parents and the egg donor.

Some of the many reasons why women become egg donors

Many women are surprised by the many benefits egg donation provides. Understanding these benefits often makes it easier for women to decide if becoming an egg donor is right for them.

Egg donation can support women in the following ways.

Provides fertility health insights. Before women donate their eggs they undergo a blood test and an ultrasound that provides information about their hormone levels and ovarian reserve. This information can help a woman decide when she should start her own family, and if she should consider freezing her eggs.

Requires a pap smear. If a donor hasn’t recently had a pap smear, she will be required to do so before the egg donation cycle. This evaluation can be crucial to a woman's health, as it can help to detect cervical cancer and other health issues.

Includes comprehensive genetic testing. One of the many complimentary health evaluations egg donors receive is a genetic test. This screening tests for an extensive number of inheritable genetic conditions, which provides women with invaluable insights into their health.

Supports women and men in need. One of the most rewarding aspects of egg donation is that it helps women and men build their families. Because of this, egg donors experience the joy of altruism.

Provides significant compensation. While donors are not compensated for their eggs, they are paid for the time and commitment they give to the process of egg donation. This compensation can create exciting new possibilities in the donor's life.

Women who meet our egg donor qualifications can utilize these life changing benefits by moving forward with becoming an egg donor at our Southern California egg donation agency.

What to do if you want to become an egg donor

If you’re interested in the benefits of egg donation, you first need to confirm that you meet our qualifications.

· You are between the age of 21 and 30

· You have a normal body mass index, BMI, which falls within 18.5 and 24.9. Click here to determine your BMI.

· You have a healthy personal and family medical history

· You're reliable and ready for the commitment of egg donation

· You engage in a healthy lifestyle free of excessive alcohol and drug use

After confirming that you meet these qualifications you can fill out our simple application. If your application is accepted an egg donor specialist at our Southern California egg donation agency will schedule a meeting with you, which can take place in person or on Zoom. This meeting allows us to give you a full breakdown of what egg donation entails, and gives you a chance to ask questions.

Next, you will complete an egg donor profile that will include current photos and photos from your childhood, in addition to information about your health history, education, ethnicity, personality, and more.

We will then post your profile on our egg donor database and recommend you to hopeful parents who would be a good fit.

After a match is confirmed we walk you through the completion of legal paperwork, and each step of the egg donation cycle. We also ensure that you receive all compensation outlined in the legal agreement.

If you’re ready to become an egg donor, the knowledgeable, compassionate team at our agency is here to help you take the next step on this exciting journey.


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