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What Does the Surrogacy Agency Fee Include

A breakdown of the many services our California Surrogacy Agency provides. 

Our agency fee includes:


  • Surrogate recruiting and comprehensive evaluation of a candidate’s eligibility for and commitment to Surrogacy.


  • All prescreening the Surrogate receives before a match, including her psychological evaluation, initial medical evaluation by a fertility doctor, background check for Surrogate and her partner, health insurance review, and comprehensive home visit by a social worker. Total cost of over $6,000.


  • Surrogate’s pre-screening bonus payment of $1,500


  • Thoughtful consideration of the Surrogates that would best suit the Intended Parent’s unique criteria.


  • Coordination and support for communication between the Surrogate and Intended Parents, depending on the relationship they choose to have.


  • Guidance in finding the best fertility clinic and doctor for IP’s needs and preferences, if required.


  • Facilitate the completion of the Surrogacy Contract by retaining the Surrogate’s attorney (paid for by the Intended Parents), providing IPs family law attorney recommendations, supporting all parties during contract negotiation, and ensuring the process moves forward in a timely manner.


  • We hire a specialist to determine if the Surrogate’s health insurance covers Surrogacy. If not, Graceful Beginnings procures a surrogacy-specific health insurance policy for the Surrogate through AIG. As of May 2024 the premium is $9,200 (plus applicable tax and fees) and is paid for by the IPs.


  • Connecting Intended Parents and Surrogates with reputable counseling services when needed.


  • Collaboration with the fertility clinic, Intended Parents, and Surrogate to ensure all parties know when the Surrogate has medical appointments, when she will begin and end medications, when the embryo transfer will take place, and so on.


  • The IP’s Agency coordinator will update them anytime there is a development in the Surrogacy cycle. The coordinator will also be available at any time to answer questions and offer support, including weekends, evenings, and holidays.


  • Collaboration with the escrow service to ensure all payments are submitted at the appropriate time. We also review all bills to ensure they are accurate before directing escrow to issue payment.


  • All travel coordination and booking for the Surrogate and her companion. (Intended Parents cover all travel costs.)


  • Consistent communication with the Surrogate before, during, and after pregnancy to ensure she feels fully supported and has the needed resources to be healthy both mentally and physically.


  • Five, 2-hour, childbirth preparation classes for the Surrogate and her Birth Companion. IPs are also welcome to attend via Zoom, or in-person if all parties live in the Los Angeles area.  


  • Customized, guided meditation recordings for IPs and Surrogate.

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