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Egg Donation for Cancer Patients

Discover how donor eggs can help cancer patients become parents

Hopeful mothers managing cancer can utilize egg donation for cancer patients to build their family. After a cancer diagnosis, some women believe they can no longer have children. But with the support of a quality fertility clinic and our Southern California egg donor center, having a baby is still possible for many.


Why to utilize egg donation for cancer patients


As certain cancer treatments can significantly impact a woman's fertility, she may need to consider egg donation for cancer patients.

Following are cancer treatments that have a higher likelihood of impacting a woman's reproductive health.


  • Chemotherapy. This cancer treatment can sometimes cause the ovaries to stop releasing eggs and estrogen. Permanent damage of the ovaries is also possible.

  • Radiation therapy. This treatment can negatively impact reproductive organs, like the ovaries.

  • Surgery for cancer. Some surgeries result in scarring that could cause fertility challenges.


If the hopeful mother's fertility doctor determines that egg donation for cancer patients is her best option, our Southern California egg donor center can help. 


How we support cancer patients who need donor eggs


When a woman is ready to move forward with donor eggs, our egg donor agency helps her find the right donor.


Gain access to our donor database. The first thing hopeful mothers need to do is complete out simple application that will give her access to our donor database.


Peruse quality donors. After receiving log in credentials to the donor database, women can look through the profiles of egg donors who are thoroughly screened for physical, genetic, and psychological health. These women provide access to eggs that often have a high chance of resulting in a healthy pregnancy. 


Explore donor profiles. The donor profiles on our database include photos of the donors that range from childhood to now, in addition to information about the donor’s health history, education, ethnicity, interests, personality, physical appearance, and other relevant information.


Stay informed during the egg donation cycle. After a donor is selected we confirm the match, help to organize any additional testing the donor might need, facilitate a legal agreement, and support in the creation of the schedule for the egg donation cycle.


We stay in close communication with the hopeful mother during this process.

Image by Garrett Jackson
Having a baby with donor eggs


Our support of hopeful mothers doesn't stop after they find a donor. We're by the woman's side through the additional steps of this exciting journey. 


Egg retrieval. When enough of the donor’s eggs mature, the fertility doctor retrieves them during a simple procedure. An embryologist then fertilizes the eggs with sperm from the hopeful father, or a sperm donor. In some cases, the resulting embryos undergo preimplantation genetic testing.


Embryo transfer. Next, one of the resulting embryos is transferred into the hopeful mother's uterus. She will take progesterone to help prepare the lining of the uterus.  


Our Southern California egg donor center understands how difficult it can be to navigate a cancer diagnosis while trying to create a family. We strive to make it a little easier by offering a combination of compassion, quality care, and premium egg donors.


Contact us for more information about donor eggs.

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