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Become an Egg Donor

Egg donors help others fulfill the dream of parenthood

Egg donors at our Southern California egg donation agency offer an amazing gift to women with fertility issues, male couples, or single men who would like to build their family. For her time and commitment, the donor receives compensation that starts at $10k - $13k and increases with each cycle.


Requirements for becoming an egg donor

It's important that egg donors meet the following criteria, as it helps ensure they'll have a positive experience, and are able to provide hopeful parents with the best possible chance of receiving healthy eggs.

  • Age. Donors need to be between the ages of 19 and 31

  • Healthy lifestyle. Women interested in egg donation should live a healthy lifestyle.

  • A normal weight range for height. A body mass index, BMI, which falls within 18.5 and 24.9 is recommended. Click here to determine your BMI. 

  • Commitment and reliability. An egg donation cycle requires consistent commitment and reliability.

  • Healthy family history. As certain health conditions are inheritable, there might be aspects of the donor’s family medical history that could disqualify her from donating. We help women determine if a family health issue could impact her ability to donate her eggs. 

After confirming that they meet these requirements, women can take the next steps to becoming an egg donor with our Southern California egg donor agency. 

Our egg donor agency welcomes both first-time donors and those that have already experienced the altruistic joys of egg donation. We also accept applicants who are listed with other egg donor agencies. We do not require exclusivity. 

Becoming an egg donor at our agency

There are a few simple steps women need to take to become a donor at our agency.


Submit an application. Women need to complete a simple application to help us confirm that they're a good candidate for egg donation.


Schedule a meeting. After we accept the donor's application we schedule a meeting with her, which can take place in person, or on Zoom. This meeting gives us a chance to explain the egg donation experience in detail, and allows the donor to ask any questions she may have.  

Complete a donor profile. Following our meeting with the donor, we'll have her complete a detailed profile and return it with a variety of photographs. After we confirm that we have all the needed information, the donor's profile is posted on our egg donor database.


Hopeful parents will be able to view the donor's profile and a match will hopefully result. 

Note: No identifying information is listed on the donor's profile, which allows her to make an anonymous donation. Most donors have their first name and the initial of their last name listed on their profile, but women can also use an alias.

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What to expect from an egg donation cycle

After a donor at our Southern California egg donor agency is matched with hopeful parents we provide hands on support during the remainder of the egg donation experience.


The egg donor process consists of a series of simple steps. (The expenses related to the following are all covered by the hopeful parents.)

Psychological consult. Donors talk with a mental health specialist well-versed in Third Party Reproduction to discuss issues related to egg donation, and ensure they're ready to move forward. 

Genetic screening. Next, the donor speaks with a Genetic Counselor who reviews her family health history and makes recommendations for appropriate genetic testing.

Meeting with a fertility doctor. Before a donor begins the egg donor cycle, she meets with the hopeful parent’s fertility doctor who discusses possible side effects of medications, procedures, and other important information.

Health screening. All egg donors receive an evaluation for infectious diseases, genetic testing, a urine drug test, and a pelvic exam, which includes a pap smear, cultures, and an ultrasound.

Legal consult. After the donor is medically cleared, she has a consult with an attorney we provide to complete the egg donation contract. 

Ovulation medications. Next, the donor will follow precise instructions to self-administer the fertility medications the doctor prescribes. These medications help numerous eggs grow in the woman's uterus, and help to prevent ovulation. These medications are typically mailed to the donor's home. We are on-call to answer any questions donors may have about the medication.

Monitoring. While the donor is taking the fertility medications, she will regularly go into the fertility clinic for monitoring. It is important that donors always be on time for these appointments. 

Egg retrieval. The final phase of the egg donation cycle involves the egg retrieval. This short, simple procedure consists of the doctor using an ultrasound-guided needle to retrieve the eggs vaginally, while the egg donor is sedated with intravenous anesthesia. Most donors are able to go home soon after the procedure, and often experience minimal discomfort.


Egg donor compensation

In addition to the compensation for the donor's time, which starts at $10k - $13k and increases with each cycle, the hopeful parents will pay for all of the fees related to egg donation, including medical and legal expenses, and any necessary travel.

The donor will receive a portion of the compensation when she begins medications, and the remaining balance after the egg retrieval. 

We encourage you to consider this exciting opportunity, as women who donate their eggs feel tremendous gratification and are able to do many things with the financial rewards they receive through egg donation. 

Apply now to become an egg donor with our Southern California egg donor agency. 

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