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Egg Donor Testimonials

I was super nervous to be an egg donor but really wanted to help a family hoping to have kids, while also helping myself pay off college debt. Graceful Beginnings walked me through each step and helped me feel way more comfortable. They also made sure I donated at a great clinic and worked with the clinic to make the process as easy as possible for me. It’s definitely not all about money, but this agency also got me a higher donor fee than the other agencies I considered. Bailey is also really nice and easy to work with. 

GBED is the best! I’ve worked with two other agencies and GB has been my favorite hands down. Bailey is so supportive and makes sure everything goes smoothly. She’s also amazing at advocating for me and making sure I get the donor fee I feel most comfortable with and only do cycles that work with my schedule. She’ll also text with me on weekends or in the evening if I have questions or need help with the meds. From this point forward I’m not working with any other agencies.

Fifth time egg donor

Bailey and Anna Lee are total pros. Anna Lee managed my cycles at the agency she helped run before this agency and then Bailey has managed my cycles at GB. They’re a great team and make me feel so cared for and appreciated. I’m also shocked at how good they are at making matches. Almost any time I feel ready to do another donation they find a match for me really quickly.

First time egg donor

Fourth time egg donor

Intended Parent Testimonials

I can’t speak highly enough of Bailey and the agency as a whole. I had spent over a year searching for a donor before I found GBED. I was thrilled when I found them because they had the first donor I’d actually been excited about. Despite barriers caused by the clinic I was working with at the time Bailey seamlessly helped me navigate the cycle and I’m now pregnant with my baby girl! I’m eternally grateful for Bailey and all her hard work. You can really tell she cares.

M.L., currently pregnant

I felt really vulnerable navigating the process of finding a donor and Bailey helped me feel secure. While I didn’t want an open donation, I did want to feel a connection to my donor so Bailey facilitated a call between us, which was so lovely. Bailey never made me feel like my questions or concerns were silly and took so much of my trepidation out of the experience. Fast forward to now and I have six healthy embryos! I’ll be having the embryo transfer soon and am feeling very confident! Bailey is so sweet and has kept in touch since the egg retrieval. I highly recommend GBED.

B.K., awaiting frozen embryo transfer

Thank you Bailey! You helped me fulfill my greatest dream. I was devastated by failed fertility treatment after failed treatment. When my doctor recommended donor eggs I was really hesitant but you softened the process and made me feel comfortable with the change in plans. You were also incredibly patient with us as we went back and forth about various donors and requested multiple videos. I think it took us about three months to settle on a donor but you were always calm and never made us feel pressured. We finally picked the perfect donor for us and you made the bumpy road feel much more manageable.

S.K., currently pregnant

This is the agency for you! When it looked like the donor at GBED wouldn’t be available for a while Bailey helped me find a good alternative at another agency. She didn’t receive any compensation for this, she just wanted to make sure I ended up with the ideal donor. But in a fateful twist, the GBED egg donor had a change in circumstances and became available! I then had the pleasure of working with Bailey and experiencing how thoughtful and hands on she is during a cycle. I felt so well cared for and like I had a solid advocate. And… I’m pregnant! Yay!

J.S., currently pregnant

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