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Egg Donation for Same Sex Male Couples and Single Men

Discover how egg donation for gay couples and single men helps build families 

At our Southern California egg donation center we guide hopeful fathers through the exciting process of egg donation for same sex male couples and single men. It's important to us that men feel comfortable during each step of the donor egg process and have the best possible chance of fulfilling their dream of fatherhood. 


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After hopeful fathers find a quality gestational surrogate, the next step is selecting the right egg donor. We provide ample support during this simple process. 


Knowing how egg donors are screened. Hopeful fathers working with our Southern California egg donation center can rest assured that we carefully screen all donors. The first part of this screening involves meeting the donor to ensure she is accurately portrayed in her egg donor profile, and understands what the egg donation experience would require of her.  


Extensive screening also helps to confirm the physical, genetic, and psychological health of the donors. 


Viewing our egg donors. To view these quality donors, all hopeful fathers need to do is complete a short registration form. We then send log in credentials for our egg donor database. 


Finding the right egg donor. To find an egg donor hopeful fathers will look through donor profiles that include the donor’s photos, personal and family medical history, education, interests, and other information.


As hopeful fathers peruse the egg donor database, we offer guidance by recommending specific donors and answering any questions about donors they're interested in. 


Starting the egg donation cycle. Following egg donor selection, we confirm the match, and support the hopeful fathers in paying applicable fees and completing legal requirements.


Staying informed during the cycle. When the egg donor is in cycle we're in consistent communication with the hopeful fathers so they're fully aware of how the donor is progressing.


Retrieving and transferring the eggs. After the donor eggs reach a certain size the fertility doctor retrieves them and sends them to a lab where they'll be fertilized with the hopeful father's sperm. The healthiest resulting embryo will then be transferred into the uterus of the gestational surrogate. Remaining embryos can be frozen for future pregnancy attempts.


The knowledgeable team at our Southern California egg donation center offers quality support throughout this meaningful journey. 

Image by Isaac Quesada
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If you’re interested in egg donation for same sex male couples and single men, our Southern California egg donation center is here to help you determine if we're the right fit for your unique needs.


Contact us for more information about using donor eggs.

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