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Egg Donor Compensation & Additional Benefits

Discover the many benefits women receive through egg donation

The process of donating eggs is an incredibly rewarding experience that can enhance the lives of both the hopeful parents and egg donor. Egg donors at our Southern California egg donation agency also receive a range of additional egg donor benefits.


Egg donor benefits 


An important part of determining if egg donation is right for you is understanding the benefits you can expect.


Significant compensation. The compensation donors receive for their time and commitment can open many doors. This compensation starts at $10k - $13k for first time donors and goes up with each additional cycle.


Our donors typically increase their donor fee by $1,500 - $3,000 each cycle.


We have donors that have received more than $20,000 for one cycle, and earned over $90,000 after multiple cycles. 

Comprehensive health evaluation. Egg donors receive a thorough evaluation of their general health through blood work, an ultrasound, and a pap smear.


Discover their fertility health. During the egg donation process the donor learns important information about her hormone levels and ovarian reserve, which can inform when she would like to start her own family.


Genetic testing. The donor receives extensive genetic testing that provides an in-depth look into her genetic makeup, and reveals if she is a carrier for any inheritable genetic conditions.


Professional photos. Our agency regularly provides professional photo shoots for our donors to use for their donor profile. Donors are also welcome to use these photos for business or personal use. 

Altruism. Egg donation helps hopeful parents take the crucial next step in their journey to building a family. This is truly one of the most amazing gifts a woman can give to those in need.


All of these benefits are provided at no cost to the egg donor. 

A smiling black egg donor.
Take the next steps towards becoming an egg donor


If you think egg donation is right for you, our Southern California egg donation agency can help you move forward on this exciting journey.


After confirming that you meet the egg donor requirements you'll complete a simple application.


We'll then schedule a meeting with you that allows you to ask any questions, and receive a comprehensive breakdown of what this experience entails.


Next, you'll complete a donor profile and we'll work to match you with hopeful parents. 

After you've been matched, we guide you through the medical screening, and are by your side during each step of the egg donation cycle. 


The team at our Southern California egg donation agency is here to make this amazing journey as simple and enjoyable as possible for you. 


Contact us for more information about egg donor benefits.

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