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Parents Through Surrogacy

Fulfill your dream of parenthood with the support of an amazing Gestational Surrogate. 

Those hoping to build a family through surrogacy can rest assured that our agency will be by your side from the selection of your Surrogate to the amazing day where you get to hold your baby in your arms. We understand how intense this journey can be and strive to make it as seamless and successful as possible. 

There are many ways our Surrogacy Agency offers support to those becoming parents through surrogacy. 


Recruiting exceptional Surrogates: We recruit high-quality, responsible Surrogates who are passionate about helping others fulfill their dream of pregnancy through surrogacy.


Our on staff RN carefully reviews all applications to become a Surrogate to confirm that the women we accept have the best possible chance of carrying a successful pregnancy for Intended Parents.


Before adding a Surrogate to our database we also meet with her, in-person or on Zoom, to get to know her, her motivations for being a Surrogate, more information about her past pregnancies, if her lifestyle will be complimentary to a surrogacy cycle, and other details that help us carefully assess the Surrogates eligibility.


Surrogate Screening: We coordinate the rigorous psychological and medical screening for potential Surrogates to determine if they’re an ideal candidate for surrogacy. Psychological screening is done through mental health specialists we work with, or specialists the clinic recommends. All medical screening is performed by the Intended Parent’s clinic, or an outside monitoring clinic.


Intended Parent Matching Support: We work closely with you to find your ideal Surrogate. We answer all your questions about our program, connect you with financial support resources if needed, and help you set up an escrow account through a reputable service.


We’re committed to providing the highest level of support to help confirm you feel calm and confident about taking the next steps in creating your family through surrogacy.


Coordinating the Surrogacy Cycle: We are in close contact with both the Surrogate and Intended Parents during the duration of the surrogacy journey, offering emotional support, answering questions, helping to ensure the process is moving forward in a timely manner, simplifying the experience as much as possible, and offering any other support the Surrogate or Intended Parents need.


Legal and Psychological Support: We provide guidance through the financial and legal aspects of surrogacy, in addition to psychological screening and counseling options for Surrogates and those building a family through Gestational Surrogacy.


Support From Pregnancy to Birth: Our co-founder Bailey Gaddis is a past childbirth educator and doula which helps ensure that the Surrogate and Intended Parents has a positive pregnancy, birth, and postpartum experience. Bailey has provided this support to dozens of Intended Parents and Surrogates navigating this amazing, but sometimes overwhelming, journey.


Bailey provides complementary childbirth preparation education, guided meditation recordings, and her books Feng Shui Mommy and Asking for a Pregnant Friend to any Surrogates or Intended Parents who would like this additional support.
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