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Surrogacy Payment Schedule

Review a breakdown of the costs of Gestational Surrogacy, and when each portion of the funds are due. 

Agency Fee: $34,000 ($5,000 discount for Intended Parents utilizing a Graceful Beginnings Egg Donor)


Click here to review the services our Agency Fee includes.


$3,000 due upon signing

$15,500 due upon matching

$15,500 due upon legal clearance


Surrogate Base Fee: $63,000 - $110,000 (depending on where the Surrogate lives, and if she’s a first-time Surrogate)

Surrogates receive this payment on the 1st of every month in 10 installments. The first payment is provided after the positive pregnancy is confirmed, and the last when the Surrogate gives birth.


*The following costs are in addition to the Surrogate Base Fee.


Attorney Fees: Starts at $6,000

Legal fees will go directly to the attorneys and include the cost of the IP’s family law attorney drafting the agreement between IPs and their Gestational Carrier and establishing parental rights, and the cost for the Surrogate’s attorney.


Escrow: $1,850 to $2,000 when using a service such as SeedTrust Escrow.

IPs can use the escrow service of their choice.


Surrogate Insurance: If the Surrogate’s health insurance covers Surrogacy, most premiums and co-pays should be covered. If her insurance does not cover Surrogacy, Graceful Beginnings will procure a policy through AIG. As of May 2024 the premium is $9,200 (plus applicable tax and fees).


Surrogate Life Insurance: Starts at $600 - $800


Medication Start Fee: $1,500


Surrogate Travel Fees: Starts at $5,000 to $8,000

Travel fees for the Surrogate and their Companion include airfare, accommodations, and ground transportation. These costs vary and will be discussed further upon IPs matching with a Surrogate.


The Surrogate and Companion also receive a per diem of $125 per day for food when traveling.


Maternity clothes: $800


Monthly Allowance: Sum of $3,000

This monthly allowance is paid in $200 per month installments starting the month the Surrogacy Contract is signed and ending one month after delivery, or upon termination of the contract by either party.


These funds can be used for childcare, cleaning services, or any other Surrogacy related needs.


If a Surrogate is put on bedrest, additional funds are provided to cover the increased need for support. Typically, up to $100 per day for childcare, and $100 per week for cleaning, is provided to the Surrogate.


Embryo Transfer Fee: $1,500

Surrogates receive $1,500 for each required embryo transfer.


Estimated Lost Wages: $TBD


We work with the Surrogate to determine what her lost wages would be for a period of six-weeks. The Surrogate’s companion also receives lost wages compensation for the time they must take off to travel with the Surrogate during the pregnancy.


Complimentary Childbirth Prep Classes: Provided by specialist at Agency


Complimentary Guided Meditations: A specialist at the Agency can provide customized, guided meditation recordings for Intended Parents and Surrogates to enhance their calm during the Surrogacy journey.


Invasive Procedures: $500

Surrogates receive an additional $500 for each invasive procedure they might need, such as an amniocentesis or D&C.


Cesarean Section: $4,000

Surrogates receive this additional payment if a c-section is required.


Twin Pregnancy: $10,000


Breast Milk Pumping: $250/week

If the Surrogate and Intended Parents mutually agree on a plan for the Surrogate to pump and ship breastmilk for a specified period of time after childbirth, she receives $250/week plus funds to cover the pump, additional supplies, and shipping.

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