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Egg Donation for Lesbian Parents

With the support of egg donation for lesbian parents many women can fulfill their dream of motherhood

Our California egg donor agency helps hopeful mothers move past a variety of fertility challenges with egg donation for lesbian parents. This option is especially helpful when neither woman has eggs that are likely to result in a healthy pregnancy. 


Who needs egg donation for lesbian parents

There are many reasons why lesbian couples might need to utilize donor eggs. 

  • Premature menopause

  • Diminished ovarian reserve

  • Premature ovarian failure

  • History of miscarriage or IVF failures

  • Poor response to ovulation medications

  • Presence of an inheritable genetic condition

  • Absence of ovaries from birth

If both women face one or more of these fertility issues, receiving support for egg donation for lesbian parents from our Southern California egg donor agency can revive their ability to build a family. 

Two Women with Baby
What happens after women decide to use donor eggs

After a same-sex female couple decides to move forward with egg donation, we walk them through each step of the process.


Register to view egg donors. Following the completion of a simple application, hopeful mothers gain access to our extensive egg donor database.


View high quality donors. As hopeful mothers begin their search for the ideal egg donor, they can rest assured that all donors at our Southern California egg donor agency undergo physical, genetic, and psychological evaluations to ensure their overall health. We also interview each donor to confirm their profile accurately portrays them, and that they understand the commitments of egg donation. 


Selecting the right egg donor. As women search for an egg donor they will have access to donor profiles that include photos from the egg donor’s childhood to present day, and details about her education, ethnicity, interests, personality, physical appearance, and more. We are available to answer questions about specific donors and make suggestions during this process. 


Financial and legal support. After hopeful mothers choose their egg donor, we confirm the match and guide them through the financial and legal requirements. 


Communication during the egg donation cycle. Once the match is confirmed, we work with the hopeful mothers, their fertility clinic, and the egg donor to create a schedule for the donor cycle and eventual egg retrieval. We also keep the hopeful mothers informed of the donor's progress during the cycle. 


Our team is proud to walk beside lesbian parents as they take the next steps towards creating their healthy family. 


Contact us to learn more about egg donation for lesbian parents.

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