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Steps of Egg Donation for Intended Parents

Learn the step by step process of a donor cycle

Reviewing donors: As you review donors on our database, reach out to us at any time if you have questions, or would like more information about a specific donor. 


Records review: After you select your ideal donor, we send their records to your clinic for review. If it’s a first time donor the records will typically only be their donor profile.


Confirming match: After your doctor reviews your donor’s records you can confirm the match by paying the agency fee and signing our retainer agreement. 


Retaining attorney and opening escrow: After confirming the match you’ll need to retain an attorney who specializes in family law. We can provide a list of recommended attorneys. Most charge a flat fee of $1,000 to represent you in negotiations of the donor contract. (To clarify, this is not the same as our agency's retainer agreement, which is non-negotiable.) 


You'll also need to open an escrow account at this time. Family law attorneys can hold escrow for a flat fee of $500, or you can use a service like Seed Trust, which also charges a flat rate of $500. The escrow account will hold all the funds for everything listed in the retainer agreement, such as the donor fee, and the funds for donor insurance, the attorney that will be retained for the donor, donor travel and incidentals, and the donor's psychological and family risk assessment. (Some donors do not need the psychological and family risk assessment if they’ve had these done in the past two years.)


Medical evaluation: Next, the donor’s medical evaluation at the clinic you’re working with will be scheduled. We'll ask them for their soonest possible appointment. It typically takes about a week for the clinic to receive all results from the medical evaluation.


Legal: Once the clinic confirms that all looks good from the donor’s medical evaluation you can begin legal. This involves reviewing the donor contract with your attorney and requesting any revisions you might want. They then send the contract to the donor's attorney for review. After both parties are satisfied with the contract and sign your attorney will send a legal clearance letter to the clinic. 


Cycle calendar: After the clinic receives the legal clearance letter, they can create the cycle calendar for the donor. Each clinic has varying protocols, but often they either start the donor on fertility meds soon after her next period or put her on birth control pills for about two weeks after their next period and then start her on fertility meds.


Egg retrieval: Most donors are on fertility meds for about 8-12 days before the egg retrieval. Donors receive their donor fee from escrow the day after the egg retrieval. 

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