Estimated Costs of Egg Donation


General Expenses


  • Agency Fee: $8,100 (This includes full cycle coordination. We cover credit card fees.)

  • Out of State/Area Agency Coordination Fee: $500

  • International Fee (Intended Parents who live outside of the U.S.): $500

  • Egg Donor Insurance Policy: $400

  • Psychological evaluation (if necessary): $350

  • Genetic evaluation (if necessary): $250



Travel & Incidental Expenses


For out of area/out of state donors, Hopeful Parents will pay donor’s mileage (.55 per mile for 30 miles or over roundtrip to doctor’s office and other medical visits), airfare, hotel, rental car, parking, food expenses, birth control pills, etc. (receipts required).


Potential travel-related costs will be discussed with Hopeful Parents in advance.


  • Approx cost for donors within driving distance of clinic: $1,000

  • Approx travel expenses for out of state/area donors: $5,000

  • To meet your donor via Zoom or in-person: $ 250 - $500

  • To send medical records - 1st donor’s records will be sent for no charge: $0

  • Additional records for more than one donor: $100 per donor


Attorney Fees


  • Intended Parents: $1,000

  • Egg Donor: $450

  • Escrow management fee (paid to attorney holding escrow): $350

  • Donor’s fee: Typically starts at $10,000 and increases with each cycle

Note: Costs are estimates and are subject to change.

A couple holding the baby they had with the help of an egg donor.
Image by Kari Shea

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