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Egg Donor Selection Process

Learn how to make egg donor selection a simple and effective process

Our Southern California egg donor agency supports hopeful parents in egg donor selection. We understand what an important decision this is and walk you through each step of the process. Our main goal is to you help you find the ideal egg donor. 


Our top tips for egg donor selection


When looking for the right egg donor for your unique needs, there are a variety of factors to keep in mind. 


Know that you have access to high-quality egg donors. During the egg donor selection you can rest assured that all of the donors on our database have been carefully screened for genetic, physical, and psychological health. 


Discuss egg donor criteria with your partner. If you're on the journey to parenthood with a partner, it's best to get on the same page with them regarding what you're looking for in a donor. Working together to create a list of what you both want in an egg donor is an important step in finding the ideal match. 


Determine if any of your criterion are flexible. After creating your list of what you want in your donor, it can be helpful to pinpoint what criteria isn't a must-have. For example, you and your partner may agree that ethnicity is a nonnegotiable, while education preferences aren't set in stone.This can help minimize frustration during the egg donor selection process. 


Decide if you want a known or anonymous donation. The two types of egg donation are known and anonymous donations. Known donations often allow for communication between the egg donor and hopeful parents, and in some cases, one or more meetings.


Anonymous donations do not allow for communication between the donor and hopeful parents.


As the egg donor must agree to the form of donation you prefer, this is an important decision to make before getting too deep into the selection process. While most donors prefer an anonymous donation, many are open to having some communication with the hopeful parents. 


Keep an open-mind. While it's helpful to put thought into the kind of donor you'd like, it's important to go into the selection process with an open mind. You might be surprised that you're drawn to a donor who only meets some of your original preferences. 


As you move through the egg donor selection, the team at our Southern California egg donor agency is here to answer your questions and provide recommendations for donors we think would be a good match for you. We want this process to be as successful and enjoyable as possible for you. 

A beautiful Asian egg donor wearing a white shirt and a bun.
Taking the next step towards using donor eggs


After you find your ideal egg donor, we confirm the match and facilitate the completion of the legal paperwork. We also maintain regular communication with you as the egg donor moves through any additional health screenings that may be needed before the egg donation cycle begins. We then provide regular updates about how the donor is doing during and after the cycle.


We are by your side every step of the way, and proud to support you in fulfilling your dream of parenthood. 


Contact our Southern California egg donor agency to learn more about egg donor selection.  

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