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What to Expect After Egg Donation

Learn more about what donors can expect after egg donation

Egg donors at our Southern California egg donor agency usually experience an easy recovery after donating their eggs. We help to ensure this easy recovery by working closely with the egg donor and fertility clinic during the egg donation cycle. 


What to expect after egg donation


There are a few common questions egg donors have regarding what to expect after egg donation. 


What is the recovery like? The recovery after the egg retrieval is often very easy. Some donors have mild bloating and cramping, and minimal spotting the day of the egg retrieval, and potentially for a few days after. Over-the-counter pain medication usually takes care of any discomfort. Most women are able to return to work or school the day after the egg retrieval.


When can I donate my eggs again? Most fertility doctors recommend women have at least two periods before beginning another egg donation cycle. 


When can I exercise? When can I have sex? Most doctors clear the egg donor to resume exercise and sex after she starts her period, which often occurs one to two weeks after the egg retrieval. 


The knowledgeable staff at our Southern California egg donor agency is here to answer any other questions donors might have about egg donation recovery.

An egg donor sleeping after her egg retrieval.
Helpful tips for recovery after egg donation


There are many things a woman can do to help ensure a short and easy recovery after donating her eggs. 

Eat fiber-rich foods, and take stool softeners. Many women avoid the constipation that can occur from bloating and anesthesia by eating foods high in fiber, like almonds, lentils, and avocados. Women should also ask the fertility doctor if they recommend a stool softener for additional relief.

Drink water and fluids with electrolytes. Egg donors should drink a minimum of 12-cups of water a day, in addition to fluids like coconut water that are rich in electrolytes. These liquids can minimize swelling, constipation, and the rare side effect of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome.

Get plenty of rest. Although the egg retrieval is a minimally invasive procedure, it’s still best to take it easy the day of the procedure. Many women also like to rest the following day. 

Contact us with any concerns. While the egg retrieval is an incredibly safe procedure, we still recommend donors reach out to our agency, or the fertility clinic, if they experience any symptoms that concern them. 

Go to the follow up appointment. If the fertility clinic asks the donor to schedule a follow-up appointment after the egg retrieval, we highly recommend she do so. This appointment allows the fertility doctor to confirm that the donor is healing properly. 

As the top priority of our California egg donation agency is the safety and comfort of our egg donors, we are here to provide comprehensive support during each phase of the egg donation cycle. 

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