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Tips for Giving Fertility Injections

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

Essential tips for having little discomfort when taking fertility injections

The team at our Southern California egg donor agency wants women to feel as prepared and comfortable as possible when taking fertility medications. While the idea of self-administering these injections is intimidating to some, the experience can be simple, and even painless, with the right guidance.

Tips for giving fertility injections

It's important to note that fertility injections are given in the soft area of the midsection and involve incredibly short, thin needles. Women are often surprised that the injections barely feel like a small pinch. However, women can minimize any nerves they have around administering these medications by utilizing the following suggestions.

Administer the injections at the correct time. It's important that fertility medications be taken during a certain period of time - typically in the evening. To ensure you take the medications during this window we recommend setting a daily timer.

Utilize a private space. Avoid distractions as you prepare and deliver the injections by ensuring that you perform these tasks in a sanitary, private space where you won’t be rushed. Taking the medications at home is often ideal.

Organize all materials before starting the injections. Be as organized as possible when taking fertility injections by wiping down the space where you'll be preparing the injections, washing your hands, then laying out the materials you'll need for each injection.

Minimize discomfort by numbing the injection site with ice, or a cool pack. One of our top tips for giving fertility injections is holding an ice cube or cold pack on the area of the abdomen where you'll be administering the injections for about a minute. This will help to ensure you feel almost nothing when inserting the needle.

Relax your abdomen. Before inserting the needle fully relax your abdomen, as this will make it easier to pinch a generous portion of skin in the recommended injection zone, which is usually in the fatty tissue around the belly button. You can enhance this relaxation by taking slow, deep breaths.

Move slow. You can minimize the chance of making a mistake by taking your time when preparing and giving fertility medications, and double-checking your instructions and dosage.

Reach out with any questions. The staff at our Southern California egg donor agency is well versed in how to prepare and give fertility injections, and encourage hopeful mothers and egg donors to reach out to us with any questions. We're happy to do a video call with you and walk you through the process.

Putting these tips into practice when giving fertility injections can make this part of the egg donation journey, or the path to parenthood, as easy as possible.


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