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Known Versus Anonymous Egg Donations

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

How to decide if you should use a known or anonymous egg donor

Whether to use a known or anonymous egg donor is a decision our Southern California egg donor agency helps hopeful parents make. This decision is important, as it will inform how much contact the hopeful parents can have with their chosen donor before, during, and after the egg donation cycle.

Understanding known versus anonymous donors

There are various questions we ask hopeful parents to help them determine if a known versus anonymous egg donation is right for them.

Do you want your future child to be able to contact your egg donor?

If you would like to keep the door open for your future children to have the option of meeting the egg donor, it’s important that you select an egg donor comfortable with a known donation. Many donors prefer anonymous donations, but there are plenty who will consider a known donation.

If you would like a known donation, what would you want that to look like?

If you're interested in a known versus anonymous egg donor we'll connect you with an attorney who specializes in third party reproduction and can provide the legal information pertaining to the various options available for known donations. This type of egg donation typically includes the option option of a known, or semi-known, donation. A known donation allows the hopeful parents and egg donor to build a relationship, while a semi-known donation permits limited communication. The egg donor specialists at our clinic can also provide insight into the nuances of these types of known egg donations.

Do you want to be informed of health issues the donor might develop later in life?

While both known and anonymous egg donations provide hopeful parents with a comprehensive view of a donor's medical history, and the current state of her health, women donating their eggs anonymously do not have to inform hopeful parents of medical issues they might develop after the donation. A known donation makes it more likely that the donor would let the hopeful parents know if they developed a health condition that might impact the child that resulted from the egg donation.

Our agency works closely with hopeful parents to help them determine if a known versus anonymous egg donation is right for them.

The information hopeful parents receive during an anonymous donation

Hopeful parents that select an anonymous egg donation will not meet the donor, or receive any of her identifying information, but they will still gain access to an extensive amount of information about her. This information helps hopeful parents gain an an in-depth view of a donor’s health, appearance, education, and more.

Here is the information our Southern California egg donor agency will provide you about our egg donors.

· Personal medical history and current health status

· Family health history

· Psychological health

· Genetic abnormalities

· Appearance and ethnicity

· Personality

· Education

· Donor history, if applicable

If you have additional questions about an egg donor, we are happy to reach out to her to see if she would be comfortable sharing that information.

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