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How Hopeful Parents Can Stay Calm During an Egg Donation Cycle

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

Our top stress management tips for hopeful parents during an egg donation cycle

While using donor eggs to build your family is an incredibly exciting process, it can also cause stress. Finding the right egg donor, wondering how many eggs will be retrieved, and worrying if the eggs will lead to the development of healthy embryos can cause many hopeful parents to feel tense during the donor egg cycle. Luckily, there's a way out of this tension. Our Southern California egg donor agency has found that there are many ways hopeful parents can reduce their stress when utilizing donor eggs.

Stress management tips for hopeful parents during an egg donation cycle

Engaging in certain stress management techniques can support hopeful parents in maintaining a calm and hopeful attitude during their egg donation cycle.

Here's how to increase your chance of infusing more serenity into the journey from finding the right egg donor to taking a positive pregnancy test.

Engage in moderate exercise. As exercise releases endorphins, regulates the mood, and improves sleep it can be a game changer when moving through egg donation. This exercise can be as simple as going for a walk, doing some yoga, gardening, or engaging in other activities that get the heart pumping. So if you find that your mind is starting to race, find some solace by moving your body.

Meditate daily. Another top tip for stress management for an egg donation cycle is daily meditation. This quiet time can allow you to process all the unknowns of the journey to parenthood and help the mind slip into a state of calm. To do, find a private space, get comfortable, set your timer for 10-15 minutes, close your eyes, and allow yourself to drift away into a serene and hope-filled space.

Do free flow journaling. You can empty your mind of all the what-ifs and worst case scenarios that might be cycling through your mind by writing them down. Start this process by grabbing some paper or a journal and writing without editing yourself. Just let the thoughts flow onto the paper. Afterwards, you can rip up the paper if you'd like.

Practice deep breathing. One of the most effective ways to pull yourself out of the cycle of stress is by taking deep, slow breaths. This deep breathing calms the nervous system and helps the mind reclaim calm. As you breathe, envision peace flowing into you with every inhalation, and stress flowing out with every exhalation.

Because our staff wants your path to parenthood to be as serene as possible, we encourage you to utilize these tips as often as possible.

Next steps for becoming a parent through egg donation

If you’re ready to move forward with finding the ideal egg donor, our Southern California egg donor agency can help. All you need to do is complete a short registration form and we'll send you log-in credentials for our egg donor database. We'll then support you in the process of finding the egg donor who meets your criteria, and can help you fulfill your dream of taking home a healthy baby.

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