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How Hopeful Parents Can Prepare for Egg Donation

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

Learn how to prepare for an egg donation cycle that provides the best possible chance of success

Our Southern California egg donation agency has found that there are certain steps hopeful parents can take to set themselves up for a more positive and successful experience with donor eggs. These steps include the hopeful parents finding the ideal egg donor, enhancing their health, emotionally preparing for the cycle, and more.

How to prepare for egg donation

When hopeful parents are preparing for egg donation, there are various things they can do to enhance their chances of this journey ending in the birth of a healthy baby.

Determine the qualities you want in an egg donor. An important first step in preparing for egg donation is making a list of the qualities you'd like your donor to have, as this list will serve as a guide as you peruse our egg donor database. If you have a partner, it's best to create this list with them.

Get genetic testing for the hopeful father or sperm donor. Many fertility clinics recommend that the hopeful father or sperm donor receive genetic testing. This testing can determine if the man is a carrier for an inheritable genetic condition. If he is, the hopeful parents can be sure to select a donor who is not a carrier for the same condition.

Live a healthy lifestyle. Both hopeful mothers and fathers should adopt a healthy lifestyle that includes a balanced diet and exercise, and is free of drugs, smoking, and heavy alcohol use. For men, this healthy lifestyle helps improve the chance that their sperm will contribute to the development of healthy embryos. For women, this lifestyle can help ensure that the uterus provides a healthy environment for the embryo to implant and grow.

Our Southern California egg donation agency is here to help hopeful parents optimally prepare for egg donation.

How to emotionally prepare for egg donation

A crucial part of preparing for egg donation involves the hopeful parents creating a plan for emotional support. This support will help to ensure that the hopeful parents experience minimal stress during the egg donation cycle, and are better equipped to handle any potential setbacks.

Build a support system. Whenever possible, hopeful parents should lean on a few trusted loved ones when creating a family through egg donation. These loved ones can serve as a healthy emotional outlet when the hopeful parents need to process their thoughts, or need a positive distraction.

See a counselor. Our Southern California egg donation agency can provide recommendations for counselors who specialize in fertility support. This customized, professional guidance can have a significant impact on a hopeful parent's emotional health.

Utilize relaxation techniques. A great way to reduce stress during egg donation is to practice relaxation techniques like meditation, deep breathing, and journaling. These tools can be an effective way to maintain calm as hopeful parents wait for the embryo transfer, and results of the eventual pregnancy test.

Putting in this effort to prepare for egg donation can make the time between now, and that amazing moment when hopeful parents get to hold their baby for the first time, so much easier.

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