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Madison - GB 081

Madison has her BA in Neuroscience from Vassar College and is currently in medical school. She hopes to go into Family Medicine. Each of her two previous donor cycles were successful.

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Demi - GB 093

Demi has her AA and AS in pre-nursing and is currently applying to BSN programs. She works as a doula, and yoga and pilates instructor. Demi's three previous cycles were successful.

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  • Has extensive experience in Egg Donation and Third Party Reproduction

  • Provides a strong national and international Egg Donor program

  • Works with a wide variety of bright and beautiful Egg Donors from all ethnic groups. View our Egg Donors

  • Approaches all aspects of egg donation with sensitivity, respect, and dignity and is committed to the success of hopeful parent and egg donors

  • Believes in preserving the privacy of our clients by utilizing the highest levels of discretion

A black woman and the baby she had with donor eggs.

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