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Graceful Beginnings 

Egg Donation and Surrogacy

Featured Donors

Charissa 1  copy.JPG

Charissa - GB 013

AMH: 9.1      AFC: 45    Cycles: 3      Height: 5'5"

Charissa is a premed student who earned her BS in Biology from University of California, Irvine. She was recently awarded the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) Research Grant. In addition to English she speaks Tagalog, and in her free time she enjoys attending concerts and crafting floral arrangements. 

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Skylar - GB 024

AMH: 3.78       AFC: 28       Cycles: 2      Height: 5'6"

Skylar is part Chinese and caucasian and has completed two successful cycles. She earned her BS in Art after attending University of Oregon, Kansas State University, and Sonoran University of Health Sciences. She is an award winning athlete, having won Virginia district, regional, and state championships in track. She received a sports scholarship to the University of Oregon and ran track and cross country there as well. 

Parents with Newborn Baby

Why Choose
Graceful Beginnings


  • Has extensive experience in Egg Donation and Gestational Surrogacy

  • Provides a strong national and international Egg Donor and Surrogacy program

  • Works with a wide variety of bright and beautiful Egg Donors and Surrogates from all ethnic groups. View our Egg Donors

  • Approaches all aspects of Egg Donation and Surrogacy with sensitivity, respect, and dignity and is committed to the success of Hopeful Parents, Egg Donors, and Gestational Surrogates

  • Believes in preserving the privacy of our clients by utilizing the highest levels of discretion​

  • We provide complimentary childbirth preparation classes to Surrogate Mothers and Hopeful Parents. 

Benefits of Our Surrogacy Program

  • One stop support. Working with an Agency that has both an Egg Donor and Gestational Surrogacy program results in less time and coordinating requirements for Intended Parents, which creates a simpler, more seamless path to parenthood.


  • Lower than average Agency Fee. As a boutique, Southern California surrogacy agency with low overhead we’re able to charge a lower Surrogacy Agency Fee than many of the other Agencies in the area, while still providing top of the line support. Intended Parents also utilizing our Donor Egg program receive a significant discount on our Surrogacy Agency Fee.


  • Dedicated Surrogacy Coordinator. You will be assigned a dedicated Surrogacy Coordinator, who will always be up-to-date on the current state of your cycle. We also want you to have the chance to connect with your Surrogacy Coordinator, as they will be a solid source of support during this exciting time.


  • Available at all hours. Because we know that important questions come up at all hours, we’re happy to communicate with Surrogates and Intended Parents in the evening and on weekends.


  • Customized guidance. We work closely with both Surrogates and Intended Parents to understand their specific expectations to help ensure they receive quality, customized support on this life-changing journey of having a baby through Gestational Surrogacy.


  • Comprehensive pregnancy, birth, and postpartum support.  Our co-founder, Bailey Gaddis, is a past childbirth educator and doula able to provide an additional layer of care Surrogates and Intended Parents receive during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. 


Bailey provides complementary childbirth preparation education, guided meditation recordings, and her books Feng Shui Mommy and Asking for a Pregnant Friend to any Surrogates or Intended Parents wanting this additional support.


  • Well connected. Our Surrogacy team has collectively worked in the IVF space for over 35-years and have developed an excellent relationship with the doctors, nurses and coordinators at many of the fertility clinics across the United States.


  • HIPPA Compliant. We understand how personal it is to build a family with the support of a Gestational Surrogate and take your privacy seriously while also ensuring we’re always HIPAA compliant.

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